GLOBAL IT Specializes in offering Broad Spectrum of Information technologies.

Our Services are based on the most leading Technology providers in the world like Microsoft, Oracle, and Cisco Systems.

At GLOBAL IT we are looking Through the Future, Where there are No Limits in Technology. No Limits in Education and No Limits in Human Imaginations and Inspiration.

Since we Started and we’ve got a word, a word we believe in, a word which Inspires us with Creativity & provides us with Strength and power to continue the Road we have Started and Deliver Maximum Quality of Services, a word we Always say ….“ KNOWLEDGE HAS NO END”…. This word is our vision inside our Company.

Our IT Services

IT Consultancy

Auditing your current technology is the logical first step in ensuring the capability to deliver the business solutions you require both immediately and in the future. The audit provides a detailed report on your current infrastructure covering cabling, workstations, network cards, servers, hubs and all internet-working devices. From this information, our consultants are able to pinpoint potential or actual bottlenecks that may impact on your network’s operation and its suitability to satisfy your business objectives. Where change is essential we can design, supply, install and support the necessary solutions.


GLOBAL IT offers a complete, ongoing support service including new software releases and the latest bug fixes. All our staff support Microsoft products and have been trained to at least minimum Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) status.

Maintenance Service Agreements are include the following support services:

  • Hardware/Software Maintenance
  • Network / Internet / Intranet / Extranet / LAN / WAN Support
  • Guaranteed response times
  • Restoration/reinstallation of network operating systems, major applications
  • Weekly maintenance tasks
  • Server file optimizations
  • Monthly maintenance tasks
  • Management/administration

Computer hardware and software is becoming more sophisticated and prevalent. Full management of the increasingly complex relationships between these requires a large investment in both time and training. The costs for the customer in acquiring the necessary skill sets in-house are often unable to be justified. The result of leaving a system to manage itself can be disastrous. GLOBAL IT has considerable expertise in Total System Management and is able to offer this as part of an overall support package. With our high caliber consultants we are able to offer you up to date information and advice, to give you peace of mind that your system is being well managed and is cost effective.


GLOBAL IT offers a full support service for Messaging and GroupWare installation. On completion, you will receive full documentation (for example, on Microsoft Exchange administration). If required, we will also provide software releases and the latest bug fixes.

Infrastructure Design

Configuration and Integration Services

As specialists in systems integration, our expert consultants ensure you enjoy reliable network solutions that are optimized to meet your requirements. To ensure minimal impact on end users, these can be seamlessly executed to meet your specific work schedules, allowing a smooth transition to new technology.


The enterprise networking market is highly complex. Many standards have yet to be widely ratified, making it difficult to decide the most appropriate strategy for your company. GLOBAL IT’ Network Infrastructure Team can help you determine which technology is flexible enough to allow your network to keep pace with your business requirements – whether this involves supporting, upgrading or re-engineering your current capabilities, or the design and implementation of a customized solution.

Network Services

A reliable infrastructure is key to efficient and productive sharing of information within your organization, whether you need to link to multiple sites, or terminals at a single location.

Security and Anti-Virus Services

As expert integrators, we can also configure anti-virus software, Use net servers, Web Servers, Proxy Servers, and Firewalls on your behalf. Whether you are new to the Internet or already have an established website, we can seamlessly integrate your existing e-mail systems, applications and databases with your Internet/Intranet capabilities.

The increasing ‘openness’ of networking environments means security must be a major priority to protect your data from breaches of security, software theft and virus infections. GLOBAL IT offers comprehensive solutions to security issued for both LAN/WAN structures and Internet services.


Effective communication is vital to competitive business performance. New generations of networked communications facilities are emerging offering exciting and powerful capabilities to enhance efficiency. In this dynamic marketplace, GLOBAL IT can enable you to take full advantage of these developments while minimizing the risk to your IT investment by managing change to your infrastructure.

Many organizations are turning to Microsoft Exchange Server to accelerate and improve their messaging capabilities. Microsoft’s latest release delivers even greater security, speed, integration and ease of administration. However, migrating your company’s communication system is no trivial task.

GLOBAL IT has an excellent track record for implementing successful Microsoft Exchange solutions and offers a comprehensive range of services covering the entire project life-cycle. Working with you to identify your present and future business requirements, our consultants will determine how Microsoft Exchange can best address your needs and, in parallel, examine your current infrastructure to ensure Microsoft server is configured to maximize the benefits that Microsoft Exchange has to offer.

Whichever your preferred software platform, our consultants can help plan your messaging system around your specific requirements and provide expert installation for every stage of implementation – including workstation, server and associated peripherals such as Gateways, Message Transfer Agents, MTAs, etc.

Cabling Services

GLOBAL IT has its own cabling division, staffed by some of the industry’s most experienced cabling consultants. We offer a comprehensive range of cabling services including audit, design, installation and troubleshooting.

Flexible Support Services

GLOBAL IT provides a complete range of maintenance and support services tailored to your precise requirements. With on and off-site support available covering every eventuality from routine maintenance, troubleshooting, hotline and helpdesk functions to post-sales support such as new software releases and the latest bug fixes, you are assured of prompt and professional service at all times, delivered by qualified and experienced personnel.


Before final hand-over, our consultants will ensure your staff has the necessary training documentation and support materials to utilize new infrastructure and facilities at performance levels that satisfy the operational needs of the business.

Closed-circuit television

GLOBAL IT provides a comprehensive package for your business needs. These include a complete video network which can be used as an efficient and effective means to remotely monitor and secure premises, supervise manufacturing progression and people. CCTV technology can act as a deterrent and if nuisances do occur can provide instant information and furthermore evidence, if prosecution is needed. A total video network is a valuable asset to a business, providing peace of mind to protect sites and can be used in conjunction with alarms, video motion detectors and even broadcast live over the web.

Global IT Guarantee

  • 99.99% Uptime
  • 100+ Gbps capacity
  • 24x7x365 Support
  • Enterprise Datacenters
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